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A Discussion on “Blind Spots” with Bill Willits and John Woodall,
led by Clay Scroggins

Special Session:
The Missing Mentor with Kit Cummings

A Conversation on Mentoring with

Sonny Newton, Cliff Robinson & Paul Trotti, Jr

A Conversation on Ethics, Integrity & Negotiating with 
Mike Moye

Decision Makers “Lessons Learned” Series:
Purpose & Priorities with 
Judge Bill Duffey, Jr & Boyd Bailey

Special Session: A Conversation with Bob Goff

Decision Makers “Lessons Learned” Series:
Integrity with 
Charlie Paparelli & Regi Campbell

Decision Makers “Lessons Learned” Series:
Stewardship with 
Price Harding & Ron Domanico

Decision Makers “Lessons Learned” Series:
Responsibility & Ownership with 
John Richie & Glen Jackson

Decision Makers “Lessons Learned” Series:
Priorities & Intentional Living with 
Rusty Gordon & Chris White

“What would you have done differently?” with
Regi Campbell & Ron Dunn

Leading from the Inside Out:
A Model for Building an Effective Life with 
John Woodall

The True Measure of a Man:
How Perceptions of Success, Achievement & Recognition
Fail Men in Difficult Times with 
Richard Simmons, III