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how to go more places

Ever had luggage at the airport over the 50 pound checked-bag limit? I have. If you don’t take some stuff out, you and that bag aren’t going anywhere together.

A lot of us are trying to get places. In our jobs, in our relationships, in our story. But too often we get held up b/c we’re trying to carry too much stuff with us. We just don’t get called out like at the airport. We try and sneak on by and hope nobody will notice. But in life, that never works.

And the stuff that keeps us stuck isn’t the socks and toothpaste. It’s heavy stuff.

A bad attitude and critical words.

Or pride and entitlement.

Maybe jealously and comparison.

Stuff like that weighs us down big time. Super heavy. Kind words, humility and gratitude are way lighter. It’s like replacing a jack hammer in your bag with a box of chocolate.

So let’s check our baggage weight. Unload or replace the stuff that isn’t helping us get where we want to go.

That’s how we go more places. In our jobs. In our relationships. In our story.


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